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VIDEO: Turning 65? Do I Need to Enroll in Medicare?

Hi Folks!

So you’re turning 65 and you’re getting overwhelmed with all this mail you’re getting.

You’re getting all these catalogs from every insurance company under the sun.

You’re seeing all these commercials on TV.

“What do I need to do when I’m turning 65 about enrolling in Medicare?” you ask.

I’m Evan Fein, Medicare Specialist at Senior Reserve Group.

I’m here to answer those questions for you.

First thing is, it really depends on the size of the group that you’re getting your health insurance through.

If you continue to work and you get your health coverage through a group employer of more than 20, you can actually defer your Medicare when you turn 65, and you do not have to take Medicare.

You can stay on your employer insurance.

Now, if you’re working for a group of less than 20 employees, you do have to take Medicare Part A and B and join before you turn 65 to have primary insurance.

If you have an Affordable Care Act plan through Obamacare, those plans will not work when you turn 65 and in those circumstances, you have to join Medicare as well.

So, things to keep in mind: It really depends on the size of your employer and whether it’s active employment.

More than 20 employees? You can defer Medicare as long as you want until you retire.

Less than 20 employees, you would have to take Medicare immediately when you turn 65 to have primary insurance.

Also, be careful; COBRA does not count!

COBRA is considered retiree coverage and you’ll need Medicare A and B at that point. •


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