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Applying for Medicare Part B

VIDEO: How Do I Enroll in Medicare Part B If I Deferred at 65?

Hi Folks!

So you deferred your Medicare at 65.

And now you’re retiringvand you’re wondering what you need to do to get your Medicare Part B activated.

Hi, my name is Evan Fein, and I’m a medicare specialist at Senior Reserve Group.

And I’m going to go through the process of applying for Medicare Part B.

When you do retire, you do have to enroll in Medicare Part B because it will become your primary insurance.

You do have this eight month window to enroll from the time you retire without any penalties or waiting periods.

But I would recommend applying as soon as you retire so you have no issues with claims because at that point Medicare does become your primary insurance.

There are two forms you will need to apply are the CMS L-564, which is for your employer to fill out.

(This is the request from employment information.)

And the CMS 50-B. That’s the Medicare Part
B application.

You can apply two ways – either online by uploading that employer form or you can go down
to the Social Security Office to apply directly in person and drop your forms off there.

Your coverage for Medicare Part B can start for the first of any month, but I would recommend applying two months before you want your coverage to begin.

This way, Social Security can process the application.

You never know what happens with Social Security.

So if you did not take part of Medicare when you turned 65 and you have no ID number, you will need
to call Social Security directly to enroll in Part A to start the process and then add the Part B after that.

If you would like any help with this or if you would like somebody to walk you through this process, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We will be happy to help you and also develop a customized analysis of the right plans for your needs.

Feel free to call or text me at 201-357-7511 or call my office at (800) 650-9357.

My email is [email protected] as well.

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