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Find The Right Medicare Plan For You

Did you know...

Standard Medicare can leave you with no prescription coverage and unlimited coinsurance?

Your current insurer might drop your coverage as soon as you’re eligible for Medicare?

You can be penalized for failing to enroll in Medicare on time?

Turning 65 shouldn’t be this complicated!

Put an end to all the confusion

Senior Reserve Group (SRG) helps you UNDERSTAND your options so you can FEEL CONFIDENT in your choices and HAVE PEACE OF MIND as you transition to Medicare. 

Get Medicare explained in plain English

With all the talk of Medicare parts A, B, C & D, supplemental insurance, Medigap, Medicare Advantage, etc.,’s easy to feel your head start to swim.

At SRG, we stay up to date on all the latest policies and regulations so you don’t have to. We’ll explain everything so you’ll understand exactly what your choices are and how they work. 

Your healthcare is too important to entrust to a call center. 

Our local operation is led by Staten Island native, Evan Fein. 

Evan founded SRG after helping his own parents navigate the complexities of Medicare. And he offers that same level of care and personal attention to every customer who calls. 

Not only will Evan walk you through the Medicare enrollment process, he’ll stick by you afterwards to make sure you can use your benefits without hassle. He’ll even check in annually to ensure your Medicare plan is keeping up with your evolving healthcare needs.

Free Medicare Planning Session

Schedule your free Medicare Planning Session today and rest easy knowing that your 65th birthday is just another reason to celebrate!

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